The 2012 Debates: Roosevelt Says What the Candidates Won't

Oct 22, 2012

As the 2012 election enters the home stretch, the candidates are making their final pitch to voters at the presidential debates, and the Fellows and staff of the Roosevelt Institute are weighing in on what they get right, what they get wrong, and what they just don't seem to get. Read below for a round-up of reactions to all of the debates so far.

Third Presidential Debate - Monday, October 22, Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL

Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Bo Cutter, In the Last Debate, the President Shone Under the World's Biggest Spotlight


Second Presidential Debate - Tuesday, October 16, Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY

Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Richard Kirsch, Romney's Audacious Romneycare Claim: Good for MA, Bad for America

The Biggest Debate Question: Where Were the Real Policy Solutions?

Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Jeff Madrick, Despite a Strong Debate, Obama Remains Vulnerable on the Economy

Deputy Editor Tim Price, New Deal Numerology: A Second Act in Politics

Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal, A Post-Debate Interview with Glen Hubbard on Housing Policy

Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Bo Cutter, The Four Biggest Flaws in the Candidates' Debate Performances

Roosevelt Institute | Pipeline Fellow Minjon Tholen, A President Should Run the Country Like a Household, Not a Business


Vice Presidential Debate - Thursday, October 11, Centre College in Danville, KY

Did the Vice Presidential Candidates Have Anything to Say to Millennials?

Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow David Woolner, The Obama-Biden Foreign Policy Mirrors FDR's: Prepare for Conflict, But Build Peace

NND Deputy Editor Tim Price, Still No Straight Answers on Social Security

Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Bo Cutter, The Vice Presidential Debate: Where's the Man with a Plan?


First Presidential Debate - Wednesday, October 3, University of Denver in Denver, CO

Roosevelt Reacts: At the Presidential Debate, Mitt Misleads and Obama Omits

Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow David Woolner, FDR's Debate Lesson for Obama: It's About Capturing Americans' Imaginations

Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Jeff Madrick, Obama Failed to Defend Government from Romney's Bluster

Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Bo Cutter, A Painful Debate Proves the Candidates Still Aren't Answering the Real Questions

Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal, Worried About TBTF Banks? Ignore Romney's Attacks in the Debate.

NND Deputy Editor Tim Price, New Deal Numerology: Down and Out in Denver


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