Daily Digest - April 2: Winning the Fight Against Inequality

Apr 2, 2014Rachel Goldfarb

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5 Facts About Women’s History That Will Keep You Fighting (MTV Act)

Danica Davidson talks to Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Ellen Chesler about some of the most incredible accomplishments in women's history and the still-unfinished work of the feminist movement.

Paul Ryan’s Budget: Even More Austerity (MSNBC)

Cuts to Medicare and Medicaid will get more attention, but Suzy Khimm points out that Paul Ryan has proposed dramatic cuts to discretionary spending, including Pell grants and other programs targeted at low-income communities.

The Myth of Working Your Way Through College (The Atlantic)

A graduate student at Michigan State University has examined the data, reports Svati Kirsten Narula, and the costs of a year's tuition alone now exceed what a student could make working full-time at minimum wage.

Good News! Janet Yellen Speaks English, Not Fedspeak (The Nation)

William Greider praises the new Federal Reserve chair for her clarity when speaking to the public about the economy. He says she didn't dumb anything down while asserting the Fed's plans to support job creation.

New on Next New Deal

Why Inequality Matters and What Can Be Done About It

In his remarks to the Senate Budget Committee yesterday, Roosevelt Institute Chief Economist Joseph Stiglitz discussed the relationship between policy and inequality, calling on the senators to take action.

The Challenges to Organizing Workers in Today's Economy

In the fourth post in his series on his new report on labor reform, Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Richard Kirsch lays out the difficulties facing labor organizing today.

Reducing Flood Risks is Worth the Effort – and the Savings

Melia Ungson, Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network's Senior Fellow for Energy and Environment, writes about the Community Rating System, a program that encourages communities to reduce flood risks in exchange for lower insurance premiums.

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