Daily Digest - April 7: Monopolies are a Net Loss for Economic Growth

Apr 7, 2014Rachel Goldfarb

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How to Build a High-Speed Broadband Network in Seattle (Seattle Times)

Roosevelt Institute Fellow Susan Crawford explains how Internet service provider monopolies limit the Seattle mayor's goals for economic growth, and how the city could go about installing high-speed fiber.

Not Your Grandpa’s Labor Union (Boston Globe)

Leon Neyfakh looks at efforts to reshape labor organizing in light of precarious relationships between employees and employers. He speaks to Roosevelt Institute Fellow Dorian Warren about the approach he and colleagues take with the Future of Work Initiative.

  • Roosevelt Take: The Future of Work Initiative recently released a white paper on labor regulation and enforcement by Fellow Annette Bernhardt, and a report on worker organizing by Senior Fellow Richard Kirsch.

U.S. Adds 192,000 Jobs in March as Unemployment Rate Remains at 6.7% (The Guardian)

Job growth was lower than economists expected, says Heidi Moore, which seems to confirm that the U.S.'s economic recovery is, as Fed Chair Janet Yellen put it, "far from complete."

Labor Secretary: Long-term Unemployment Keeps Me up at Night (Five Thirty Eight)

Ben Casselman speaks to Tom Perez following the release of the March jobs report. Perez says government needs to do more for the long-term unemployed, but the cost of such programs is challenging.

Obama To Sign Executive Orders On Equal Pay (HuffPo)

Laura Bassett reports that the president's orders will mirror the likely-to-fail Paycheck Fairness Act, which is meant to hold contractors more accountable for sex- or race-based salary differences.

Under Pressure, Wal-Mart Upgrades its Policy for Helping Pregnant Workers (WaPo)

Unfortunately, writes Lydia DePillis, while Wal-Mart's new policy is an improvement, it still might not be enough to ensure the company accommodates pregnant workers on the job instead of forcing them out of work.

New on Next New Deal

Labor Law for All Workers: Empowering Workers to Challenge Corporate Decision Making

Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Richard Kirsch concludes his series on his new report on labor reform by discussing additional policy proposals that push back on the major challenges of organizing workers in today's economy.

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