Daily Digest - February 12: Higher Pay Won't Hurt Workers

Feb 12, 2014Rachel Goldfarb

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Who Would Benefit From a Minimum Wage Hike? (Your Call Radio)

The aggregate effects of a minimum wage increase wouldn't lead to job losses, says Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal, and it's the easiest way to boost our economy.

Now That Boehner Has Backed Down, Let's Fix The Debt Ceiling For Good (TNR)

Since the House GOP has approved a clean debt limit increase, Eric Posner argues it's time to pass legislation that would end this game of chicken over the national debt forever.

Yellen Sets a Familiar Direction for the Fed (NYT)

Binyamin Appelbaum reports that the new Fed chair's testimony to the House Financial Services Committee emphasized that many policies will remain the same under her leadership.

What Do the Jobless Do When the Benefits End? (WaPo)

Ylan Mui interviews people about how they're getting by, and since none of her subjects have full-time work, the GOP theory that benefits keep people from taking jobs seems unlikely.

Why Democrats Will Win on Unemployment Insurance (The Atlantic)

Sarah Mimms writes that the Democrats will come out on top whether they get an extension on unemployment insurance or not. No extension? Then there's the campaign message for 2014.

Responsible Contractors Only: How to Ensure Obama’s Minimum Wage Order Is Enforced (PolicyShop)

Building a "responsible contractor" enforcement mechanism into his executive order will help the president to ensure workers actually get the raise he called for, writes Amy Traub.

Anatomy of a Hunger Crisis (MSNBC)

New York City's food pantries are already unable to handle the needs of the city's hungry, according to Ned Resnikoff, and the president has just signed another round of cuts to food stamps.

New on Next New Deal

The Three Big Questions Janet Yellen Should Answer in Today's Testimony

With the new Fed chair delivering her first testimony to Congress this week, Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal lays out what we need to know about her views on the taper, financial reform, and unemployment.

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