Daily Digest - February 19: The Misleading Math on the Minimum Wage

Feb 19, 2014Rachel Goldfarb

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In Its Minimum-Wage Report, the CBO Places Its Thumb on the Scale (TNR)

The new report, which predicts a $10.10 minimum wage could cost as many as 1 million jobs, overstates the potential downside and understates the benefits, argues Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal.

Student Debt May Hurt Housing Recovery by Hampering First-Time Buyers (WaPo)

Dina ElBoghdady reports that new rules could be keeping young would-be homeowners with student loans out of the market, and that has implications for the housing market and the broader economy.

Businesses Are Swimming in Money: Profit Protection Will Not Help With Economic Recovery (Pacific Standard)

Martin Hart-Landsberg uses charts to demonstrate just how much money businesses are sitting on today. He says this data shows that pro-business policy won't speed up the recovery for everyone else.

New on Next New Deal

In VW Vote, Republicans Fight the Really Radical Idea that Workers Should Have a Voice in Business

Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Richard Kirsch explains how the GOP influenced the United Auto Workers' loss at Volkswagen's Chattanooga plant, even though the company wasn't opposed to the union.

Finding Affordable Housing Solutions in Boston

Gavin O'Brien, a member of the Greater Boston chapter of Roosevelt Institute | Pipeline, lays out possible policy solutions to the soaring cost of living in Boston, from cooperative arrangements to affordable housing trusts.

Snowed Under: When Keeping Schools Open Puts Low-Income Students Further Behind

Attendance data doesn't support the claim that NYC schools needed to stay open during last week's snowstorm so kids could eat, says Sarah Pfeifer Vandekerckhove, the Roosevelt Institute's Director of Programmatic Operations.

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