Daily Digest - February 24: What We Didn't Bargain For

Feb 24, 2014Rachel Goldfarb

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Obama is Showing Some Guts on the Budget. Don't Celebrate Just Yet. (TNR)

The president would put chained CPI, a method of calculating Social Security increases that is popular with Republicans, back on the table at any hint of a Grand Bargain, says Danny Vinik.

The Grand Bargain’s Dead. What Now? (MSNBC)

Without a Grand Bargain on the budget, Suzy Khimm says that fundamental disagreements on benefits programs will have to wait until at least after midterm elections, and maybe even until 2016.

Why Wage Hikes Should Be All the Rage (Policy Shop)

As states, cities, and big retailers like Gap Inc. move forward to raise wages, Amy Traub argues that this piecemeal approach helps some workers and keeps the national conversation going.

UAW Demands Labour Board Review Volkswagen Plant Vote (The Guardian)

The appeal focuses on the "firestorm of interference" from outside groups and Tennessee politicians, reports Dominic Rushe. The union lost narrowly, and the appeal could lead to a new election.

Can These College Football Players Actually Unionize? (MoJo)

As football players at Northwestern University begin the unionization fight with a hearing at the Chicago regional National Labor Relations Board, Matt Connolly explains the process and potential complications.

Wisconsin’s Legacy for Unions (NYT)

Steven Greenhouse reports on how a Wisconsin law gutting the powers of public-sector unions to collectively bargain has changed things for those workers. No surprises: it's not looking good.

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