Daily Digest - February 26: Public Financing Means People Speak Louder Than PACs

Feb 26, 2014Rachel Goldfarb

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Making Every Voter Equal (Reuters)

Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Jonathan Soros says Super PACs should be made irrelevant, and public campaign financing that magnifies the small contributions of ordinary voters is the way to do it.

For Our Youth, Good Jobs Are Green Jobs (HuffPo)

Rocky Kistner speaks to Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network member David Meni about young people's desire to approach environmental issues from an economic perspective.

U.S. Lags Behind World in Temp Worker Protections (ProPublica)

Michael Grabell writes that the U.S.'s labor laws offer shockingly little protection to temp workers, which may lead to dangerous assignments, lack of training, and wage theft.

Where Have All the Workers Gone? (New Yorker)

The faceless nature of companies like Amazon allows people to forget the nature of the work involved in delivering goods and services, says George Packer.

American Cowboys Fight for Better Wages, Working Conditions (Fortune)

Claire Zillman says the workers, whose lawsuit will be heard by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals next week, oppose Department of Labor rules that set a wage ceiling for livestock herders.

Dems Ramp Up Pressure on Minimum Wage (WaPo)

The House Democrats will begin circulating a discharge petition on raising the minimum wage, which would force a House vote despite GOP opposition, reports Greg Sargent.

Stamp of Disapproval (In These Times)

Theo Anderson writes that the American Postal Workers Union says selling local post offices won't solve the Postal Service's real financial problem: being forced to pre-fund 75 years of retiree benefits.

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