Daily Digest - February 27: Raising Wages the Rooseveltian Way

Feb 27, 2014Rachel Goldfarb

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FDR Set the Terms for Labor Executive Orders (Reuters)

Roosevelt Institute Fellow Dorian Warren praises President Obama for following FDR's path with his recent executive order raising the minimum wage for federally contracted workers..

This Is How You Fix Ailing Public Pensions (Time)

Rana Foroohar draws out some key points from the Roosevelt Institute's conference on the public pensions crisis, including the need for fewer high-risk investments and campaign finance reform.

  • Roosevelt Take: The conference showcased a forthcoming study by Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Rob Johnson, who wrote about additional possible solutions to the pensions crisis.

Christie, Scott Walker and the Assault on Workers’ Pensions (The Nation)

For Republican governors with hopes of the presidency, attacking public pensions under the specter of Detroit is a strategic key, write Bob and Barbara Dreyfuss.

Tom Perkins Is Winning: The Rich Already Vote More (TPM)

William W. Franko, Nathan J. Kelly, and Christopher Witko point out that voter turnout already has a class bias, which results in state governments that are less responsive to public opinion.

Stop Currency Manipulation and Create Millions of Jobs (EPI)

By ending currency manipulation, when countries shift exchange rates to influence the costs of trade, Robert E. Scott says the U.S. would not only create jobs but would also lower the deficit.

The Home Mortgage Business, Where Cheaters Always Seem to Prosper (TAP)

David Dayen explains how Ocwen, a mortgage servicer, has managed to build an entire business around harmful and sometimes even fraudulent behavior toward homeowners.

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