Daily Digest - July 10: Communities Need a Better Kind of Banking

Jul 10, 2014Rachel Goldfarb

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Banks that Actually Serve Communities, What a Novel Idea (Philanthropy New York)

Roosevelt Institute Fellow Saqib Bhatti explains how community banks, unlike their national Wall Street-based counterparts, keep profits and funds in the community, where they support growth.

Port Truckers’ Strike Sends Ripples Through Labor World (MSNBC)

Ned Resnikoff looks at why the small port truckers' strike in Los Angeles is getting so much attention. He cites research from Roosevelt Institute Fellow Annette Bernhardt on worker misclassification.

SCOTUS’ Quiet Expansion of Harris (In These Times)

The Court's order in Schlaud v. Snyder could lead to a dramatic reversal in labor law, which would assume those who did not vote for a union are against it, writes Moshe Marvit.

Report: NY Tax Breaks Don’t Do Much to Create Jobs (The Journal News)

Joseph Spector says a new report from the state Authorities Budget Office shows that special tax breaks from local development authorities appear to have little effect on generating jobs.

Study: States That Raised Minimum Wage Had Stronger Job Growth (USA Today)

Paul Davidson reports on a new study from the Center for Economic and Policy Research, which shows a higher increase in payrolls over 10 months in states that increased their minimum wage.

Thomas Perez On Lawmakers Who Dis The Jobless: 'I Wanna Punch 'Em' (HuffPo)

In a meeting with the press about labor data, the Labor Secretary made harsh comments about lawmakers who still aren't helping the long-term unemployed, writes Arthur Delaney.

Jobs Are Staying Vacant Longer Than Ever (WaPo)

The average duration of job vacancies has hit a new high of 25.1 days, writes Catherine Rampell, but the evidence does not suggest there is a skills mismatch holding back hiring.

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