Daily Digest - July 15: Privatization Gets Marked 'Return to Sender'

Jul 15, 2014Rachel Goldfarb

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Staples, Postal Service to End Plan for Mini Post Offices in Stores (WSJ)

Kris Maher, Drew Fitzgerald, and Tom Gara report on the decision to end this pilot program, which the postal workers' union and other labor groups had denounced as privatization.

  • Roosevelt Take: Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Richard Kirsch explains how the Postal Service and Staples plan was exacerbating the low-wage economy.

Another Week, Another Settlement (The Economist)

The Economist examines the controversy over Citigroup's $7 billion settlement announced yesterday, which continues the trend of placing blame on companies instead of individuals.

Equal Opportunity Employment Officials Take New Aim at Pregnancy Bias (NYT)

Due to an increase in pregnancy discrimination complaints, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has issued new enforcement guidelines, reports Steven Greenhouse.

Restaurant CEOs Make More Money in Half a Day Than Their Employees Make in a Year (MoJo)

Jaeah Lee reports on a new analysis of top restaurant CEO pay, which shows that the CEOs take home an average of 721 times the amount that minimum wage workers are paid.

When You're Poor, Money Is Expensive (The Atlantic)

Derek Thompson explains why accessing money becomes more difficult without bank accounts and credit, and says the financial tech sector could make things easier for the poor.

Labor Organizing Is a Civil Right (Blog of the Century)

The National Labor Relations Act provides only negligible penalties for firing labor organizers, so Imhotep Royster suggests extending Civil Rights Act protections to those organizers.

New on Next New Deal

In Defense of Public Service: Roosevelt Honors Commitment to Common Good

Roosevelt Institute Communications Manager Tim Price reflects on the vindication felt by the life-long public servants honored at last week's Distinguished Public Service Awards.

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