Daily Digest - July 17: Are We Building a Sustainable Future?

Jul 17, 2014Rachel Goldfarb

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Why This One UN Report on Sustainable Development is Different from the Rest (UN Dispatch)

Campus Network Senior Fellow for Defense and Diplomacy Nehemiah Rolle says the Global Sustainable Development Report incorporates a broad array of both science and policy data.

Will a Fox, Time Warner Deal Be Approved? (Bloomberg TV)

Roosevelt Institute Fellow Susan Crawford says the Federal Communications Commission has an interest in regulating these big mergers to protect the future of U.S. communications.

Imagining Economic Policy Focused on Women (Real News Network)

Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Rob Johnson points to minimum wage, work sharing, and paid family leave as key policies for improving women's opportunities and thus the economy as a whole.

Punish the Executives, Not Just the Banks (New Yorker)

The short-term incentives for individuals on Wall Street continue to encourage risky and destructive business practices, writes James Surowiecki, which is why bank settlements aren't effecting change.

America’s Unrequited Corporate Love Affair (MSNBC)

Timothy Noah says the trend toward reincorporating abroad to avoid U.S. taxes is only part of a larger negative shift in the relationship between American corporations and the state.

Hobby Lobby's Harvest: A Religious Exemption for LGBT Discrimination? (LA Times)

Michael Hiltzik looks to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to explain why President Obama should not allow a religious exemption in his executive order barring discrimination against LBGT workers.

New on Next New Deal

Fighting Bad Science in the Senate

Roosevelt Institute Fellow Andrea Flynn says that even when they won't pass, strongly pro-choice bills like the Women's Health Protection Act are a means of fighting anti-choice falsehoods.

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