Daily Digest - July 2: Public Unions Meet the Conservative Guillotine

Jul 2, 2014Tim Price

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The Wage War for Public Workers' Unions (MSNBC)

Harris v. Quinn shows Supreme Court conservatives want to "weaponize the First Amendment" against public unions, says Roosevelt Institute Fellow Dorian Warren.

The Supreme Court Doesn't Care for Caregiving Workers (HuffPost)

Roosevelt Institute Fellow Annette Bernhardt writes that the Harris decision is just the latest example of how our public policy treats caregiving as second-class work.

Are the Authoritarians Winning? (NYRB)

Authoritarianism is gaining traction as democracies falter, writes Michael Ignatieff, but Roosevelt Institute Chief Economist Joseph Stiglitz's new white paper offers a comprehensive solution to the liberal state's fiscal crisis. (Note: This article is behind a paywall.)

How Bad Policy is Making the Great Recession's Damage Permanent (WaPo)

Austerity and low inflation are holding back productive capacity, writes Matt O'Brien, and unless they're willing to take more risks, some countries may never fully recover.

5 Ways Wall Street Continues to Sandbag the Economy, and How to Fix It (Prospect)

To set the economy back on track, Democrats must stop propping up the financial sector and undertake a massive public investment program, argues Robert Kuttner.

Low-Wage Workers' Newest Ally Is a Washington Bureaucrat (The Nation)

Zoe Carpenter talks to David Weil, the new director of the Labor Department's Wage and Hour division, about his plans to enforce and improve standards in the workplace.

New on Next New Deal

The Supreme Court's One-Two Punch Against Women's Health: McCullen and Hobby Lobby

Rulings against the contraceptive mandate and buffer zone laws will create more barriers between women and basic health services, argues Roosevelt Fellow Andrea Flynn.

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