Daily Digest - July 22: Why Net Neutrality is All or Nothing

Jul 22, 2014Rachel Goldfarb

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All Aboard for Net Neutrality (In These Times)

Cole Stangler quotes Roosevelt Institute Fellow Susan Crawford as he makes the case that the FCC should stop dancing around net neutrality and embrace common carrier regulation of the Internet.

Are Auto Insurance Companies Red-Lining Poor, Urban Drivers? (The Guardian)

Auto insurance rates are frequently determined by zip code, and risk factors like crime don't fully explain the price differences. Devin Fergus says redlining, or charging higher prices to minorities, may be to blame.

Obama Signs Historic LGBT Non-Discrimination Order (Slate)

Mark Joseph Stern calls the order, which prohibits federal contractors from discriminating based on sexual orientation or gender identity, Obama's biggest gay rights achievement since ending "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Businesses Need to Spend More. The Future of the Economy Depends on It. (NYT)

Increased capital spending by businesses would create jobs, and would also generate the productivity gains that make the economy more competitive over the long term, writes Neil Irwin.

Fed Researchers Optimistic on Long-Term Unemployment Drop (Bloomberg News)

Jeff Kearns reports on the Federal Reserve's reasons for optimism, which include signs that the long-term unemployed are still connected to the labor force and don't have significantly more trouble finding jobs.

New on Next New Deal

Lifelong Roosevelt Connections Help Students Lead Policy Change

Meeting alumni in her role as the Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network Special Initiatives Intern has shown Madelyn Schorr that students' ideas benefit from alumni input and assistance.

The Etsy Economy Prevails

In her speculation on the future for the Next American Economy project, Althea Erickson, Public Policy Director at Etsy, imagines a gig-based economy in which market platforms provide benefits like health care.

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