Daily Digest - June 6: What It's Like to Make a Living

Jun 6, 2014Rachel Goldfarb

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What Happens When Low Wage Workers Suddenly Get a Living Wage? (Gothamist)

Christopher Robbins speaks to workers at a successful casino in Queens, New York, whose wages nearly doubled last October when they unionized.

Stay-At-Home Dads On The Rise, And Many Of Them Are Poor (NPR)

A new study of stay-at-home dads reveals some bad news, writes Jennifer Ludden: more than half live in poverty, with many staying home due to illness, disability, or inability to find work.

What to Watch on Jobs Day: An All-Time High of an Indicator That is Almost Always Rising (Working Economics)

Heidi Shierholz warns that while today's jobs report will likely show total employment at an all-time high, that's actually a meaningless benchmark due to constant population growth.

How Seattle Passed the Highest Minimum Wage In America (Vice)

The fight for $15 an hour in Seattle combined a number of unusual factors, says Arun Gupta, so it's unclear if the same kind of effort will work elsewhere.

GOP’s Little-Noticed Unemployment Sham: The Quiet Death of Extended Benefits (Salon)

Simon Maloy argues that the House GOP's quiet obstruction of extended unemployment insurance has thwarted supporters and left the long-term unemployed worse off than ever.

Artisanal Union-Busting (In These Times)

Chris Lehmann looks at union organizing efforts at Whole Foods stores in Chicago, and the company's pushback against collective bargaining.

To Protect Service Members, Defense Department Plans Broad Ban on High-Cost Loans (ProPublica)

Because too many soldiers are targeted by high-cost lenders, the Department of Defense may ban all loans above 36 percent APR. Paul Kiel says it's not so simple to protect civilians.

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