Daily Digest - June 9: The Middle Class Needs a Better Tax Code

Jun 8, 2014Rachel Goldfarb

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How Tax Reform Can Save the Middle Class (Moyers & Company)

Roosevelt Institute Chief Economist Joseph Stiglitz and Bill Moyers continue their discussion of Stiglitz's new white paper on how tax reform can reduce inequality and promote prosperity.

For Poverty Solutions, Looking Beyond Congress (The Hill)

As Rep. Paul Ryan prepares for another hearing on the War on Poverty, Roosevelt Institute Fellow Andrea Flynn and Nell Abernathy look at ways to strengthen the safety net to fight child poverty.

Lawsuit Claims Thin Red Line in Discriminatory Lending Practices (MSNBC)

Roosevelt Institute Fellow Dorian Warren speaks to the mayor of Providence, RI, who says that Satander Bank is discriminating against people of color seeking mortgages in his city.

Everything You Need to Know About Walmart, in Nine Charts (Vox)

Danielle Kurtzleben references William Lazonick's Roosevelt Institute white paper on CEO pay to explain how Walmart could give its workers raises without cutting into profits.

Taxi Driver Solidarity (NYT)

Taxi drivers across the country are seeking to form a national union, reports Steven Greenhouse. Beyond shared grievances about pay and costs, many are concerned about ride-share apps.

The Fault in our Starry-Eyed 'Recovery': 2014 Looks Like We're Going Bust Again (The Guardian)

Heidi Moore says the recovery of the last five years was only for corporations and Wall Street, and hasn't helped average Americans, who still face rising costs and high unemployment.

Wall Street Fights for Our Right to Pay 5% Fund Fees (Bloomberg News)

Wall Street is pushing back against a strong fiduciary rule that would require financial advisors to put clients' interests first, writes Ben Steverman, because it would cut into profits.

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