Daily Digest - March 12: Political Influence Carries a Price Tag

Mar 12, 2014Rachel Goldfarb

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Ready for a Surprise? Money DOES Equal Access in Washington (WaPo)

Matea Gold reports on a randomized field study that proves the long-held belief that campaign donations buy attention from legislators and their staff.

Obama Will Seek Broad Expansion of Overtime Pay (NYT)

Michael D. Shear and Steven Greenhouse report that the president plans to use his executive authority to alter who is eligible for overtime according to their job classification, as well as the salary threshold.

A Modern Day ‘Harvest of Shame’ (ProPublica)

The 1960 CBS documentary showed the plight of migrant farm workers. Michael Grabell says that today, blue collar temp laborers are facing many of the same terrible working conditions.

Nowhere Close: The Long March from Here to Full Employment (EPI)

Josh Bivens explains how low demand is keeping the U.S. economy away from full employment. He also has suggestions for how to boost demand, including increased public spending and net exports.

Plan for Mortgage Giants Takes Shape (WSJ)

Nick Timiraos reports on a bipartisan plan to replace Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with a system of federally insured mortgage securities. The Senate Banking Committee's liberal Democrats hold the power to move this forward or stop it.

A Conservative Meme On School Lunches: Work For It, Kids! (TPM)

What's wrong with free school lunches? Sahil Kapur says that the opposition combines the idea that people are mooching off the government with the claim that liberals don't value the dignity of work.

New on Next New Deal

The Story of Atalissa Highlights America's Long-Term Care Problem

Sarah Galli responds to The New York Times’s story about the abuse of Iowan men with intellectual disabilities by considering the nation's lack of options for long-term care for adults with disabilities.

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