Daily Digest - March 24: Public Financing: Compromise Won't Fix Corruption

Mar 24, 2014Rachel Goldfarb

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A Promise Cuomo Can Keep (Albany Times Union)

Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Jonathan Soros and Frederick A.O. Schwartz call on New York's Governor Cuomo to avoid compromise on public campaign financing where concessions just extend a corrupt status quo.

The Tea Party and Wall Street Might Not Be Best Friends Forever, But They Are for Now (TNR)

Tea Party Republicans in Congress insist that the financial crisis was all government's fault, says Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal. That narrative, and the corresponding legislative agenda, couldn't make Wall Street happier.

Why Charity Can’t Replace the Safety Net (Slate)

Jordan Weissmann praises Mike Konczal's recent piece in Democracy Journal, emphasizing that charity can't replace government aid during recessions. Charitable donations drop just when need rises.

All Economics Is Local (NYT)

Raising the local minimum wage is an effective step towards reducing inequality, say Michael Reich and Ken Jacobs. Moreover, their research shows that low-income industries can absorb the increase and benefit from greater employee retention. 

Payday Lending: The Loans with 350% Interest and a Grip on America (The Guardian)

David Dayen explains the vast regulatory conundrum of these predatory loans. He lays out how state and national regulators, Congress, and the Justice Department are working side-by-side, but often a step behind lenders.

The End of Jobs? (In These Times)

Sarah Jaffe argues that under our current system, the shrinking of secure full-time work increases inequality. Instead, we could restructure our economy to push for a universal basic income and shorter working hours.

New on Next New Deal

Memo to Congress: Family Planning Needs More Funding

In her remarks at a Congressional briefing last week, Roosevelt Institute Fellow Andrea Flynn explains why publicly funded family planning needs to expand as the Affordable Care Act is implemented. 

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