Daily Digest - March 3: Will New York Fight for the People's Trust?

Mar 2, 2014Rachel Goldfarb

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The Future is Public Financing of Elections (Times Union)

Roosevelt Institute Board Chair Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, granddaughter of FDR and Eleanor, calls on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to fight for public campaign financing in the state for the sake of trust in democracy.

IBM Fires Small-Town Workers for Wall Street Numbers. That’s the Good Part (The Guardian)

Heidi Moore ties layoffs at IBM to the company's goal of $20 earnings per share by 2015. Layoffs cut costs, an easy way to get closer to this arbitrary target.

The Real Job Killers (Robert Reich)

We could create jobs by eliminating the minimum wage, safety regulations, and such – but that wouldn't create progress, which requires safe jobs that pay well, writes Robert Reich.

College, the Great Unleveler (NYT)

Reforms to federal student aid, increased state funding for public universities, and tighter regulation of for-profit schools are all needed to maintain the American Dream of upward mobility, writes Suzanne Mettler.

Amidst Camp Tax Plan Debate, D.C. Needs to Close the Reality Gap (WaPo)

The real problem in Washington, writes E.J. Dionne, is the gap between the real-life issues that American voters worry about and the abstractions, like the deficit, that get all of Congress's focus, as in Senator Camp's tax reform plan.

The Progressives' Image Problem (Washington Monthly)

When progressives take over, as in New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration, their leadership experience is often criticized. Martin Longman says that's because managing activist groups is counted against them.

New on Next New Deal

Venezuela: The Crisis We Fuel With Our Apathy

Leslie Bull, former Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network Senior Fellow for Defense and Diplomacy, writes that when the American media ignores international crises, it only causes them to become more urgent.

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