Daily Digest - May 27: Taking Stock of Piketty's Capital

May 27, 2014Rachel Goldfarb

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Why Geithner Drives Liberals Nuts (Politico)

Ben White quotes Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal, who says tensions over Tim Geithner's work during the financial crisis will come into play in the 2016 elections.

Thomas Piketty Accuses Financial Times of Dishonest Criticism (The Guardian)

Jennifer Rankin reports on Piketty's response, in which he maintains that his conclusions are solid even when looking at more recent data than he used in his book.

I.R.S. Bars Employers From Dumping Workers Into Health Exchanges (NYT)

Giving employees tax-free dollars to pay for insurance on the exchanges won't satisfy the Affordable Care Act's employer mandate, reports Robert Pear, and the fines are steep.

  • Roosevelt Take: Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Richard Kirsch suggests that employers that don't want to provide insurance should pay an additional payroll tax instead.

The Slow, Quiet Death of Extended Unemployment Benefits (MoJo)

Patrick Caldwell blames the lack of momentum on this issue on the House GOP, given that long-term unemployment is higher than it's ever been without federal emergency benefits.

New on Next New Deal

The FT Gets Piketty's Capital Argument Wrong

Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal argues the Financial Times misses Thomas Piketty's central theme: the size and importance of capital will soon dwarf the rest of the economy.

The New Conservative Reformers Still Don't Have a Plan for Wall Street

Mike Konczal looks at a new report from conservative reformers and finds it lacking on financial reform. It doesn't address any of the current debates on issues like Too Big To Fail.

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