Daily Digest - October 29: Remember When the GOP Supported Family Planning?

Oct 29, 2013Rachel Goldfarb

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Richard Nixon Knew Family Planning Saves Taxpayer Dollars, But Today’s GOP Doesn’t Care (Next New Deal)

Roosevelt Institute Fellow Andrea Flynn argues that Title X funding needs to be increased, because demand for family planning services will go up as more people get health insurance. Unfortunately, the GOP has forgotten that this program is fiscally effective.

  • Roosevelt Take: Read Andrea's new white paper, "The Title X Factor: Why the Health of America's Women Depends on More Funding for Family Planning," here.

Here’s how GOP Obamacare Hypocrisy Backfires (Salon)

Michael Lind draws on a recent piece by Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal to discuss the right's plans for the social safety net. If means testing and privatization become part of Social Security and Medicare too, he thinks we're in for some ineffective changes.

  • Roosevelt Take: Mike's piece argues that the struggles of Healthcare.Gov are proof that old-school New Deal-style liberal programs eliminate many potential administrative problems.

Ohio Governor Defies G.O.P. With Defense of Social Safety Net (NYT)

Trip Gabriel reports on Gov. John R. Kaisch's critique of his own party's "war on the poor." The governor worked around the GOP-led legislature to accept the Medicaid expansion, because he knows it will help his neediest citizens.

Food Stamps Will Get Cut by $5 billion This Week — and More Cuts Could Follow (WaPo)

Brad Plumer reports that an automatic cut is going to hit SNAP funding on November 1 with the end of a 2009 stimulus bill boost. Between that cut and current negotiations over SNAP, some Americans will be struggling with how to buy groceries and feed their families.

How Sequestration Gets Even Worse Next Year (ThinkProgress)

Bryce Covert reminds us that the automatic cuts of sequestration get even larger in 2014. With a lot of the accounting tricks that were used to soften the blow this year gone, sequestration part two will hit hard, and it won't be good for the economy.

Why Do Women Do Market Work? (TAP)

Matt Bruenig responds to a recent rant from Gavin McInnes of Vice against working women, bringing up the data that proves why women work. It turns out that in husband-wife families where both work, 54 percent would be in or near poverty without her income.

Yes, There’s a Budget Deal in the Works. Here’s What It Will Look Like (NY Mag)

Jonathan Chait says that a small budget deal is in the works, which will replace sequestration cuts with something more livable for everyone. He thinks there will still be some revenue increases, but they won't be tax rate increases.

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