Dane Stangler: Changing Demographics and Funding Strategies Will Expand Entrepreneurship

Aug 6, 2014

The Next American Economy project brought together 30 experts from various disciplines to envision tomorrow's economic and political challenges and develop today's solutions. Their assignment: be bold, and leave the conventional wisdom -- and their own opinions -- behind. In today's video, Dane Stangler of the Kauffman Foundation predicts that the entrepreneur class will become more diverse as a younger population makes use of new funding platforms.

By 2040, demographic trends will drive a flourishing of new kinds of entrepreneurial activities, speculated Dane Stangler, Vice President of Research and Policy at the Kauffman Foundation. We will see a bulge in the 20-40 age demographic -- the key entrepreneurial age. But most importantly, new platforms -- like crowd-funding and re-localized production -- will allow for the diversification of entrepreneurship. For the first time, this will allow Americans from a wide range of backgrounds to build new businesses.  

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