Giving the Tax Code an Audit

Apr 18, 2012

As Americans scrambled to file their taxes to meet the April deadline, those at the Roosevelt Institute took some time to examine whether our tax code really reflects the right values and targets the right places:

The Win-Win Tax Reform Fantasy by Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Mark Schmitt

Bipartisan dreams of raising revenues while lowering rates skirt the real problems in our tax code.

What the Tax Code Says About Our Values: The Good, the Bad, and the Unclear by Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network student Lydia Austin

Our tax code represents more than just how we choose to collect revenue. It affects everyday decisions and embodies who we are as a society.

The Poor Do Pay Taxes -- Too Many Taxes by Roosevelt Institute | Pipeline member Alexander Hertel-Fernandez

As we try to raise revenue, we must avoid placing a greater burden on those who have the least to give.


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