April 29

Apr 29, 2009Tim Price

daily-digestWhat you need to know to navigate today’s economic debates.

One Hundred (NYT)
In an editorial today, the NYT calls for Obama to challenge Wall Street thinking and get tough on health care.

Specter Leaves GOP, Shifting Senate Balance (WP)
Shocking departure of Senator Alan Specter of Pennsylvania from GOP brings Democrats closer to filibuster-proof  senate majority.

Stocks Set to Rise as GDP Awaited (CNN)
Investors await reading on first-quarter gross domestic product.

Fed Is Said to Seek Capital for at Least Six Banks (BLM)
Recent government “stress test” reveals 6 of the nation’s 19 largest banks require additional capital.

Obama’s Stand in Auto Crisis Shows Early Resolve (NYT)
Obama struggles to strike proper balance of government power with market forces in fight to save Auto industry.

Chrysler’s Lenders Agree Concessions
Holders of Chrysler’s $6.9bn debt agree to new survival plan for struggling automaker.

Patching the Foreclosure Plan (BW)
Treasury Dept. broadens the foreclosure-prevention program in a bid to clean up problem mortgages.

The Hundred Days War: Histories of the New Deal
Historian and Sociologist Thomas J. Sugrue compares Obama’s first 100 days to those of Franklin Roosevelt.

Defending Academe (NR)
The New Republic’s David A. Bell criticizes a claim by Mark C. Taylor of the NYT that “Graduate education is the Detroit of higher learning.”

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