Daily Digest - April 10: A New Bank Reform Recipe Calls for Less Basel

Apr 10, 2013Tim Price

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Sherrod Brown and David Vitter have a new bipartisan bill to end Too Big to Fail. Here's what it does. (WaPo)

Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal breaks down the leaked Brown-Vitter bill that would significantly raise capital requirements but would throw out the barely established Basel III ground rules, potentially giving banks a reason to smile through their tears.

The Hard Work of Achieving Results (Chronicle of Philanthropy)

Everyone wants to be part of it, but no one's sure what it is. Phil Buchanan writes that Roosevelt Institute Fellow Georgia Levenson Keohane's book, Social Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century, details the shape of its subject based on the footprints it's creating.

Social Security's needed expansion (WaPo)

Katrina vanden Heuvel writes that the only thing worse than the politics of handing the GOP their next cycle of attack ads neatly gift-wrapped in Social Security checks is the economics of cutting the program's meager benefits instead of increasing them.

Cash Benefit Programs Are Not Really Government Spending (Policy Shop)

Matt Bruenig argues that the go-to right-wing critiques of government spending -- that it leads to waste and corruption and that individuals can better prioritize their needs -- fall apart when applied to programs that simply send people money and wish them well.

Foreclosure Review Finds Potentially Widespread Errors (HuffPo)

Shahien Nasiripour reports that after a thorough review, regulators have determined that mistakes were made by mortgage companies at the height of the foreclosure crisis. And then made again, and again, until a third of all foreclosures were screwed up.

Bank stole your house? Have 10 pitchforks' worth of compensation (Salon)

Lots of people might have been kicked out of their homes because some bank factotum misplaced their paperwork, but at least they'll be compensated for it. Alexis Goldstein's new Tumblr offers advice on how to spend the big $300 check they have coming.

The Gender Wage Gap Differs by Occupation (CAP)

In honor of Equal Pay Day, Sarah Jane Glynn and Nancy Wu find that a whopping 97 percent of full-time working women have occupations that pay them less than men, while the ladies earn more in exactly seven jobs, like the booming stock clerk field.

The Tax Police Budget Shrinks (Tax Analysts)

David Cay Johnston notes that due to our leaders' overwhelming concern with reducing the deficit, we can expect another round of budget cuts for the Internal Revenue Service, also known as that agency responsible for collecting money to pay for stuff.

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