Daily Digest - March 19: The Balancing Act

Mar 19, 2013Tim Price

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The Missing Right: A Constitutional Right to Vote (Democracy Journal)

Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellows Jonathan Soros and Mark Schmitt argue that we need a Right to Vote Amendment to focus the activist movement and help ensure that you can participate in our political system even if you don't have an "Inc." after your name.

Still true after 40 years: Voters prefer cuts in theory, spending in practice (WaPo)

Ezra Klein highlights a poll that shows Americans would like to balance the budget as long as it doesn't involve increasing taxes or making any specific spending cuts -- especially if those cuts affect critical government personnel like White House tour guides.

The Ryan Budget's Nearly $6 Trillion Revenue Hole (CBPP)

An analysis of the latest Ryan budget finds that it would slash taxes by $6 trillion with only a vague promise of "tax reform" to offset the cost, which means either he's lying about balancing the budget or anyone making under $200,000 is about to get mugged.

The Most Radical Proposals in the House Conservative Budget (Think Progress)

Aviva Shen notes that the Republican Study Committee has wedged itself into the narrow space to the right of Paul Ryan with a plan to balance the budget in just four years by going after the real drivers of our deficit: poor people, tax increases, and PBS.

The Worst Victims of the Education Sequester: Special-Needs Students and Poor Kids (The Atlantic)

Laura McKenna writes that sequestration's 5.1 percent cut to federal education funding means states will lose millions for programs ranging from Head Start and special ed to school lunches. If you're not even going to teach them, feeding them is right out.

Cyprus Bailout Incites Turmoil as Blame Flies (NYT)

James Kanter, Nicholas Kulish, and Andrew Higgins report that negotiators who planned to have Cyprus's bank depositors pay for part of its bailout have learned a hard lesson about the quality of ideas that you come up with because you want to go to bed.

Obama's Nominee for Labor Department Head Has Championed Domestic Workers' Rights (The Nation)

NND Editor Bryce Covert notes that Thomas Perez's record suggests domestic workers will have an ally at the Labor Department as they face key battles for equality and inclusion. Yet more damning evidence that the would-be Labor Secretary is pro-labor.

White House Urged to Fire a Housing Regulator (NYT)

Annie Lowrey writes that a group of state attorneys general led by Eric Schneiderman and Martha Coakley is calling on the president to finally replace acting FHFA director Edward DeMarco with someone who might actually want to improve housing policy.

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