Daily Digest - March 7: To Be Continued?

Mar 7, 2013Tim Price

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A way out of our budget wars (WaPo)

Now that the House has passed a continuing resolution to fund the government, E.J. Dionne writes that President Obama is looking to strike a broader deal with Senate Republicans in the hope that even they are tired of hearing themselves moan about the budget.

What Young Republicans Want: Government as a Force for Good (NYT)

Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network director Taylor Jo Isenberg writes that with research (including our own new report) showing Millennials support an active government, the GOP should stop trying to sit them on their knees and tell them about the road to serfdom.

Expand Social Security (USA Today)

Duncan Black argues that Social Security has come to serve as the last crutch for retirees instead of being one leg of a "three-legged stool," and if they haven't saved enough in their working lives, they don't get to declare their lesson learned and request a do-over.

The War on Entitlements (NYT)

Thomas Edsall notes the clear divide between what the general public wants to do about Social Security and Medicare (make the people with all the money pay more for them) and what those with influence want to do (turn them into Welfare: Large-Print Edition).

Infographic: How Universal Preschool Is an Economic Boon to Working Mothers (The Nation)

NND Editor Bryce Covert writes that amid all the talk about how universal pre-K could benefit children, there's been less attention paid to how it would help mothers, who, outside of magazine covers, can't just stuff their kids in their purse and get on with their day.

With Positions to Fill, Employers Wait for Perfection (NYT)

Catherine Rampell reports that despite an abundance of openings and applicants, employers are still only window-shopping for new hires due to fear the economy will contract again. But remember, interviewees: you only get one chance to make a sixth impression.

Wealth inequality will keep growing unless workers demand better (Guardian)

Mark Price argues there's no excuse for the growing disparity between high- and low-earners or the disconnect between productivity and wages, but unless workers organize for change, there's no solution that policymakers don't have a vested interest in ignoring.

Holder: Big banks' size complicates prosecution efforts (The Hill)

Testifying before Congress, AG Eric Holder admitted that "too big to jail" is more than just a convenient rhyme for headline writers: he worries that some financial institutions have become so big that prosecuting them would be like pulling the pin from a grenade.

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