March 28: Caveat Voter

Mar 28, 2012Tim Price

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Red States See Massive Public Sector Job Losses (The Nation)
Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal and ND2.0 Editor Bryce Covert find that voting for the anti-public worker, anti-voting and reproductive rights party in 2010 had a strong correlation with losing jobs and having your rights restricted. Go figure.

Republicans are causing a moral crisis in America (WaPo)
Katrina vanden Heuvel notes that while the GOP fears America's very soul will wither and die if women can afford birth control, it seems to view letting Wall Street run rampant and leaving the poor sick and hungry as a noble calling of the highest order.

On Health Care Law, a Familiar Divide (NYT)
David Leonhardt writes that while many legal analysts have predicted the Supreme Court would uphold the Affordable Care Act based on constitutional analysis, they may have been underestimating the "Go red team!" mentality of GOP appointees.

If the Mandate Fails, Single Payer Awaits (The Nation)
George Zornick argues that if the right blocks efforts to compromise on universal health care until a single payer system is the only constitutionally viable option, Democrats may eventually be smart enough to say "Okay, fine, you talked us into it."

The Case For Raising Top Tax Rates (NYT)
Eduardo Porter notes that although U.S. tax policy has been guided by a napkin sketch for the last 40 years, some actual research suggests much higher tax rates on the rich wouldn't have a negative impact because the rich often aren't that useful.

Check out the new special issue of The Nation, guest-edited by Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Jeff Madrick.

The rich are different; they get richer (WaPo)
Harold Meyerson argues that America's 1% is so removed from the reality of the 99% that fiddling with tax rates won't cut it -- we need to revitalize unions and shareholders' rights to start tilting the seesaw in the other direction.

Fired for a Short Skirt? The Realities of Anti-Worker Laws in Wisconsin and Ohio (AlterNet)
Sarah Jaffe looks at the fallout from collective bargaining bans in Wisconsin, where Scott Walker has made life miserable for public workers, and Ohio, where a lopsided rejection from voters still hasn't convinced Republicans to give up the dream.

Team Romney’s alleged labor mole (Salon)
Josh Eidelson reports that the newest Republican appointed to the NLRB by Barack Obama has evidently been leaking inside information to his old boss, who's now advising Mitt Romney. Really damning stuff, too, like "the NLRB continues to exist."

Breakthrough Leadership for the World Bank (Project Syndicate)
Jeffrey Sachs praises President Obama's surprising choice to nominate Dartmouth president and global health expert Jim Kim to head the World Bank, gracefully backing away from his own Anyone-But-Summers bid for the position.

Want To Party With Obama? Show Him The Money (MoJo)
Andy Kroll notes that while President Obama promised to keep big-money donors at arm's length, that's still close enough for them to shake hands at the White House parties they're being invited to as a reward for their support.

With additional research by Roosevelt Institute intern Elena Callahan.

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