May 29

May 29, 2009Tim Price

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GM to File for Bankruptcy June 1 (BLM)
U.S. plans to slashing company debt to about $17 billion according to a regulatory filing yesterday.

Fiat Pulls Out of Opel Talks (FT)
The request to it for emergency funding would expose Fiat to "extravagant risks", says Italian carmaker

As Overseer And Owner, U.S. Aims For Balance (WP)
As both overseer and owner, the government tries to stay out of the weeds of daily decision-making.

Progressive Groups Urge NBC to Pull Health Care Ad (Politico)
SEIU sent a letter to NBC4 urging the station to pull CPR's documentary-style commercial.

Oil Prices Hit Six-Month High (FT)
Oil rose above $66 a barrel, setting six-month high and biggest monthly gain in more than 10 years.

Bernanke Bid to Lift Housing Scuttled by Rising Rates, Defaults (BLM)
Bernanke's efforts to bring down borrowing costs to revive the housing market and help the economy are stalling.

Banks Balk at US Push to Rein In Derivatives (WSJ)
Wall Street to present a plan next week fend off some rules proposed by the Obama administration.

US to Urge China to Shop, Not Save (WSJ)
Geithner to urge Chinese leaders to fundamentally alter the export-oriented economy.

Still Working, but Making Do With Less (NYT)
The recession has not meant a layoff, but a pay cut that has forced millions of families to thrash through daily calculations.

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