May 4

May 4, 2009Tim Price

daily-digestWhat you need to know to navigate today’s economic debates.

Tests of Banks May Bring Hope More Than Fear (NYT)
Government review of bank assets will demonstrate health of economy, officials say.

BofA and Citi In Last Push on Stress Tests (FT)
Major US banks attempt to raise capital before government reveals stress test results.

Chrysler in Hand, Fiat Turns to Opel (WSJ)
Fiat CEO talks with Opel executives over a major stake in GM’s European unit.

Falling Wage Syndrome (NYT)
Economist Paul Krugman argues slipping national wages is symptom of worsening economy.

‘Great Recession’ Will Redefine Full Employment as Jobs Vanish (BLM)
Top US economists say natural rate of unemployment will rise.

Obama Wants to End Tax Rules That Save Companies $190 Billion (BLM)
Treasury targets US company using foreign subsidiaries to shift profits into low-tax jurisdictions.

Firing Tenured Teachers Can Be A Costly and Tortuous Task (LAT)
Article reveals stunning complexity in bringing accountability to education.

It’s Time to Merge Business and Politics (Nation)
Blogger Zephyr Teachout argues politicians must be better informed on matters of business and economy.

Delong on the Stimulus (Grasping Realtiy)
Economist and Blogger Brad Delong argues in favor of financial stimulus using right wing ideas.

Democrats Duel Over Climate Bill (Politico)
Head of DCCC clashes with Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman over cap-and-trade legislation.

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