Summer Reads: Top Titles for Your Progressive Book List

Jul 26, 2011

story-book-200Find out what Roosevelt Institute fellows, staffers and friends recommend for progressive summer reading. Then, tell us what's on your list!

From Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Robert Johnson:

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck.
Progressive classic presents one family's struggle to survive the Great Depression.

From Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Thomas Ferguson:

The Politicos by Mathew Josephson
Very timely, what with all the talk about the 14 Amendment perhaps being used to restrain Congress.

From Roosevelt Institute Fellow Georgia Levenson Keohane:

Rise and Decline of Nations by Mancur Olson
A look at the forces that can stifle economies.

From Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Marshall Auerback:

Nothing to Fear by Adam Cohen
What a president can accomplish when he exhibits true leadership.

Understanding Modern Money by L. Randal Wray
The ultimate response to the deficit terrorists.

Democratic Promise: The Populist Movement in America by Lawrence Goodwyn
Historical sense of what a progressive populist movement looks like.

The Golden Rule: The Investment Theory of Party Competition and the Logic of Money-Driven Political Systems by our own Tom Ferguson
Comprehensive look at how are our polity truly functions, and the pernicious, corrupting role of private money.

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From ND20 Editor Lynn Parramore:

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
Stark, poetic and unforgettable portrayal of the daily lives of southern sharecroppers.

Roosevelt Fellow Dorian Warren:

Winner Take All Politics by Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson
How the middle class got slammed while the rich got richer.

Oligarchy by Jeffrey Winter
In depth look at how power is constructed.

From ND20 Assistant Editor Bryce Covert:

The Means of Reproduction by Michelle Goldberg
Fascinating and beautifully written account of the global struggle for women's rights.

From ND20 blogger Harvey J. Kaye:
Common Sense by Thomas Paine
Turned our colonial rebellion into a revolution. It will remind you of what it means to be an American.

From ND20 blogger Brigid O'Farrell:

Looking South: Race, Gender, and the Transformation of Labor from Reconstruction to Globalization by Mary Frederickson
The South examined through the lens of larger global forces.


From Lynn Parramore is the editor of New Deal 2.0, Media Fellow and Deputy Director of Communications at the Roosevelt Institute, co-founder of Recessionwire, and the author of Reading the Sphinx.

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